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The Association of Christian Investigators was founded with two primary functions in mind:

* First, ACI was designed to provide a Spirit-filled organization which would serve to promote the investigative profession in a non-competitive atmosphere.

* Second and foremost, ACI was designed to glorify the Lord and not man.

ACI's mission is to integrate the investigative profession with Christian beliefs, standards and principals. In doing so, ACI intends to assist the individual, the profession and to give glory to God.


The goals of the Association of Christian Investigators is somewhat simplistic and is intended to enhance the effectiveness of the association:

* ACI is dedicated to upholding the highest standards and integrity and will not become another source of Christian mockery.

* ACI's goal is to assist the individual investigator by providing a monthly newsletter aimed at addressing industry related issues while also uplifting the spirit of the investigator.

* ACI's goal is to not become a political machine with underlying political agendas. However, if an issue is found to directly affect the investigative profession, it will be brought to the attention of the members in an unbiased manner.

* ACI's goal is to increase membership and to appoint local chapter directors who will hold meetings with fellow investigators aimed at promoting fellowship.

* ACI will provide a source of referrals between Christian investigators and Christian's in need of an investigator.


The Association of Christian Investigators exists for the benefit and use of investigative professionals. As such, ACI would hope that each member would do their part in promoting ACI and is even a good source of media exposure for the local investigator. Primarily, ACI is promoted through word of mouth, the web site, mail outs and media exposure. ACI has already received exposure from various radio stations, newspapers and industry related magazines. We would encourage each member to promote ACI and to use ACI as a source of promotion for their business.



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