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"Association of the Year (1996-97)"
by the National Association of Investigative Specialists

The Association of Christian Investigators (ACI) is an organization designed to provide an environment in which an investigator can create meaningful and long-term relationships with other investigators who share common interests outside of the professional bonds. When the additional burdens of running a business, government controls, employee problems and similar situations are added, we feel that the investigator should have a "God-Centered" outlet. The ACI provides members with the opportunity to share experiences, praises, problems and news through the ACI newsletters. In addition, local Chapters are being organized to facilitate monthly meetings in a non-competitive atmosphere to help the investigator.

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If Your Life Is Christian Centered, Here Are A Few Reasons You Should Consider Joining ACI:

Become part of a confidential, Christian oriented group of investigators who share similar interests and problems 
Create a non-competitive atmosphere of trust in which business situations can be openly discussed and problems solved through other's experiences
Develop a system of alerting members of news, praises, prayer needs and similar developments in the member's life and business 
Become part of a referral base for Christian-oriented investigators 
Obtain a 10% discount on all products purchased through the National Association of Investigative Specialists
Obtain a 10% discount on all products offerred by
Kelly Riddle
Obtain discounted record searches and membership to Pallorium
Obtain discounted website design, website hosting and website promotion services  www.atlasinfo.com
Obtain a 10% discount on the PI Management Software

The ACI currently have Directors in most states who can facilitate local Chapter meetings, encourage membership and provide local input into the newsletter. Membership in ACI does not require dues at this time. If you would be interested in becoming a member of the ACI or would like more information on being the Director of a Local Chapter, please complete the application.


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